Monthly Archives: April 2017

Mu Class Inductions

Two weeks ago, the twelve members of the Mu rookie class were officially inducted into Delta Psi Nu as brothers. Thank you to our Rookie Advisors, Michael Jones and Danielle Hale, for all of their hard work this semester as they guided our newest members through the rookie process. It has been a wonderful rookie program this semester and we are excited to watch our newest class grow through brotherhood!17861933_1090907177682028_8263072931880208600_n


Rookie Night

On April 6th, the Mu Rookie class had their second, and final rookie night before they are inducted into the fraternity as brothers. They completed their class scrapbook and had the chance to bond as a class. We know we are just as excited as they are for inductions!IMG_1979

Mu Class: Big/Little Retreat

Last Thursday, the Mu rookie class and their bigs went to the NRV Superbowl, where they played laser tag. Everyone had a blast and what better way to bond with your big, than a little friendly competition!