New Officers

Congratulations to our new officers! It was a long meeting today, but we are so excited for everyone elected.

President: Mark Jones

Secretary: Justin Kyker

Treasurer: Zack Fry

Parliamentarian: Robert Crowther

Rookie Advisors: Tanner Hansinger and Wyatt Moore

Rush Coordinator: Maggie McVicar

Keeper of the Books: Natalie Zai



On April 1st we inducted the Beta class! We gained 20 new brothers, coming out to a total of 44 brothers. Holy smokes! We cannot believe how successful this semester has been. Just a few months ago we were shaking in our boots wondering whether or not DYN would take off. We have an exciting weekend ahead of us. We’re having our big/little retreat this Saturday to do some good ole brotherhood bonding. And on Sunday we will be having formal elections, in which we have several Betas running for positions! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


ImageThe Betas right after they got inducted!


ImageAll of our amazing brothers!