Tuesday Study Fest

Last week the lovely Ashley Rhodes hosted a study session, complete with yummy vegan baked goods. Of course the evening ended with us watching Ms. Doubtfire, dubbing it the official DYN film. It was great fun and at today’s meeting we concluded that Tuesday Study Fests are to become a weekly extravaganza!

Also at today’s meeting, we elected our Assistant Rookie Advisor, Justin Kyker and got down to some dirty business. Rush is only a week and a half away! Look out for some brothers popping into your classrooms next week to make an announcement!


Winter Retreat

This weekend we held a brotherhood retreat at Claytor Lake and had a blast! We spent the weekend making pancakes, playing foursquare and just overall bonding. We were also able to complete a service project while we were there, which many of us are still recovering from. It was a great weekend and hope to go back soon!



Delta Psi Nu is the newest co-ed fraternity at Virginia Tech. We were founded in October 2011 and are taking in our first rookie class this spring! We couldn’t be more excited to expand our brotherhood and look forward to seeing you at rush in February!